Yearly Site Rental at Athenree Holiday Park

Athenree Hot Springs & Holiday Park has sites available for on-site storage of caravans on an annual basis, so you can leave your caravan setup all year round.

Caravans may be left on-site under the following conditions:

Vans may be left on-site for an annual fee of $4,400.00.  This is payable as one annual fee on arrival, or as $2,200.00 on arrival, and the balance after 6 months. This is an annual agreement, and fees paid are non-refundable.  This entitles six nominated guests access to their site to a total of up to 100 nights/year. Other guests staying in your caravan would pay the park tariff applicable.

The following conditions apply to all caravans stored on-site:

The owner and any guests comply with general holiday park requirements on “Guest Information” sheets displayed throughout the park.

Vans must have a current electrical WOF, have a serviceable fire extinguisher & smoke alarm, and waste water is to be collected in a covered container (WBOPDC bylaw).

In the interests of site security, we request that you, visitors to your site and people staying in your van report to the Office on arrival.  If visitors intend to use the pools, please ensure they pay at the Office. During peak season, visitors are to park their vehicles on the reserve. There is a maximum of 6 persons staying overnight on any site.

During the peak season, we request that extra cars and boats are left in a designated storage area.  Boats and gazebos may not be left while the van is unoccupied.

Trimming or felling trees or extensive groundwork is not permitted within the park. 

No sheds, extended decks or permanent structures are permitted on the site.

When your van is unoccupied, please ensure that the power is turned off and the cable is disconnected and stowed away and the gas is turned off.

The caravan and site area is to be kept tidy and free of rubbish – items are to be left within your caravan or awning for security and to enable grounds to be maintained by management.

While every care will be taken by us, vans are left on-site at the owner’s risk. 

Caravans can not be sold on-site.

One months written notice is required prior to the removal of a caravan and termination of this agreement. 

The Owner is to apply annually in writing to renew their on-site rental agreement

In the event that the on-site agreement is not renewed by management, the caravan and all structures on the site are to be removed within 7 days of notification.